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1945 GPW Early APU … Parts Available

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UPDATE: As of July 13, 2021, this GPW APU is now in Stefan’s hands in Germany. As you can see, by the time he acquired it parts had already been removed (see original post from 2017 at the bottom of this post). He does not want the APU parts. I figured it is a long shot, but that I would check to see if anyone had an interest in the APU-related parts (some are O.E. Szekely); Stefan is willing to part with them.  Comment below if interested or email me at and I’ll connect you with Stefan.

Here’s how the jeep looked prior to pulling the parts:

apu-jeep-germany0 apu-jeep-germany1 apu-jeep-germany2 apu-jeep-germany4

Here are the parts related to the PTO:

PTO APU Cover:


apu-jeep-parts-germany07 apu-jeep-parts-germany08

Szekely Data Plate:


PTO Electrical Unit:

apu-jeep-parts-germany10 apu-jeep-parts-germany14 apu-jeep-parts-germany15 apu-jeep-parts-germany16 apu-jeep-parts-germany17


apu-jeep-parts-germany11 apu-jeep-parts-germany12


Modified Hood:




Original Post Dates January 21, 2017: Nick spotted this very interesting early APU conversion of a GPW by O.E. Szekely that is for sale at D&L Bensinger. A Worman hardtop was added to this APU jeep at some point; must have been part of the conversion in 1947.

Nick, who’s become very knowledgeable on the APU jeep, noted that the GPW was “converted to an APU in 1947. To date, this is the only Line Maintenance GPW survivor. This specific model is “B” and the generator outputs 28.5 DC volts for starting jet aircraft. These retrofitted Jeeps served as prototype models to the later 2A/3A’s. Nearly all the equipment is present. The only part I can see is missing from the photos is the wire reel. Notice how the governor system appears to be under the carburetor, and the hood is modified above it.”

Here’s the ad info: “This is a late war GPW. Vehicle hasn’t been run for over 10 years. Body is rusted. Has one rear axle shaft broken. This jeep came from Omsted AFB in Harrisburg, PA which closed in 1969. It was modified in Philadelphia with Flight Line Maintenance Generator Set. In 30 years of jeep collecting, I’ve never seen another jeep with this equipment. GPW still shows yellow paint inside and a radio mike on the shop-made aluminum half cab. The cable reel to aircraft is missing as are some other parts of the kit. This is a great project for someone who wants an air field jeep.”





1945-gpw-apu16 1945-gpw-apu25 1945-gpw-apu26 1945-gpw-apu13



3 Comments on “1945 GPW Early APU … Parts Available

  1. Colin Peabody

    I met and did some business with Darrel Bensinger a few years ago at his place in PA. Treated me well both on the phone before I traveled to his place and bought the mini Jeep body I sold a couple of years ago. He even helped me load it in the back of my wife’s Yukon after we uncrated it so it would fit.

  2. Mike in PA

    I’ve known Daryl for a few years now and he’s a great guy to have in your corner. He’s full of knowledge and willing to pass that knowledge onto you. He’ll answer your questions, give you options and won’t leave you hanging. I can’t thank him enough for helping with my GPW restoration.

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