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Just in ‘Case’

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Today I picked up these two former sporting good, lighted display cases. One is 6ft long, the other 5ft long. Between the two of them, I ought to have enough room for all the jeep toys and the small jeep items in my collection (and, I shouldn’t have to dust them very often). They could use some work, but I’ll use as is for now until I have time to properly deal with them.


The guy I got these cases from ran a mostly outdoor antique/junk shop out of his yard in remote Irrigon, Oregon. He had stuff all over the place!

Inside a hut, he showed me a 1929 Willys Knight he owned that had been restored, but is now dusty from sitting for a year. Apparently, he has difficulty with the timing advance on the steering column, so he doesn’t drive it anymore (though he said his son drives it just fine). So, the guy is interested in trading it for a late 1930s vehicle. Basically, he wants an old vehicle that he can easily hop into and drive. Here are a couple pics:

1929-willys-knight1 1929-willys-knight2

I spotted a selling price of $15,000 on a sign in the car, but he flat out told me that he’s not so much interested in making money on the deal as he is finding the right car. If interested, email me at and I will send you a scan of his business card.


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  1. John North Willys

    the knight sleeve valve engine was the wankel rotary engine of the 20’s and 30’s – good idea that never worked , too many bugs …

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