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1948 Truck Kelowna, BC, Canada BaT Auction

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Sam spotted this nice looking refurbed truck, currently sitting at $5100 at Bring-a-Trailer.


“This 1948 Willys-Overland Jeep Model 4T pickup was purchased by the seller’s father in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 1948, and it was refurbished between 1999 and 2002 after the seller took possession of the truck. It was refinished in gray, and additional refurbishment work included rebuilding the 134ci inline-four, refreshing the interior with dark red vinyl upholstery, replacing the windshield and seals, and rebuilding the carburetor, radiator, front hubs, generator, and starter. Equipment includes a three-speed manual transmission paired with a Spicer transfer case, a chrome front bumper, red-finished 16″ steel wheels, and a cabin heater. This Willys Jeep truck is now offered with refurbishment records, manufacturer’s literature, and a British Columbia registration.”


2 Comments on “1948 Truck Kelowna, BC, Canada BaT Auction

  1. John North Willys

    pretty nice , but no cigar , wheres the original pickup bed and fenders ? thats a major demerit — correct potomoc gray color , incorrect wheel color , armrests not correct , headliner was supposed to be basketweave cane , it plainly says model 4WD on the serial number plate , its not a model 4T , i have a 48 truck identical to this , a little later serial number 283** , owned it for over 50 years , its in daily use on my ranch now , runs perfect , i also have a 1948 model 2WD , serial number 215** , 20,000 original miles , Luzon red , then a 53 stakebody and a 58 stakebody — on this 48 , the other serial number plate says canada — it was exported to canada ? or made under license there ?

  2. John North Willys

    PS , i forgot to mention that Kelowna , BC is where Continental Enterprises is , they make continental kits for a lot of old american cars — i bought one years ago for my girlfriends 1956 t-bird , it was missing off the bird , very expensive as i remember , 2000 semolians ? it was a full restore i did on the little bird , peacock blue , colonial white porthole top , had the soft top too , behind the seat , 312 t-bird motor , fordomatic , real nice , just beautiful — THEN SHE SOLD IT , ALONG WITH THE 1956 CONTINENTAL MKII I RESTORED FOR HER !!! – @!#$%^&*($#%^& !!!! … i’m going to contact them to see if they have any WILLYS AERO CAR REAR CONNY KITS … PS 2 — there was a rattlesnake under my willys truck last night , almost stepped on it in the dark , he got away , but the snake hunter will find him and bring him to JUSTICE !!

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