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Epic Willys Crew Making Progress ….

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UPDATE: The Crew made it to Ontario, Oregon last night. They should have some beautiful weather for the remainder of their trip. Unfortunately, the group will not have the time to swing north to our place. Having done our fair share of trips, we totally understand and wish them luck!

On another note, I finally officiated the wedding this past Saturday. It went off with only one hitch … that would be me hitching them together 🙂 … this is why I never went into comedy … so, becoming a minister and marrying someone can now be checked off my bucket list!


Originally Post August 18th –The Epic Willys Crew (view on Facebook) has made considerable progress, reaching deep into Wyoming (last I saw). Despite several unscheduled stops (err .. breakdowns), the group has soldiered forward through temps reaching 100 degrees.

We expect they will arrive here in Prosser sometime midweek next week, so we’ve been making sure the place is ready. The small house has new floors and (hopefully, new interior paint). I’ve made progress on the shop and (again hopefully) I will have it somewhat organized by their arrival. With no heat domes forecast for next week, the weather should be warm and dry. Apart from preparations, Ann’s surgery recovery, her mother’s doc appointments, presiding over a wedding (this weekend) and unexpected dog issues have kept me from providing any eWillys updates.

Here are some pics from the Epic crew so far (in a fairly random order) …


2021-epic-willys-adventure12021-epic-willys-adventure-jonah5 2021-epic-willys-adventure-jonah4 2021-epic-willys-adventure-jonah1

2021-epic-willys-adventure17 2021-epic-willys-adventure16 2021-epic-willys-adventure14

2021-epic-willys-adventure-jonah3 2021-epic-willys-adventure13 2021-epic-willys-adventure12
2021-epic-willys-adventure10 2021-epic-willys-adventure9

2021-epic-willys-adventure-jonah2 2021-epic-willys-adventure8 2021-epic-willys-adventure7 2021-epic-willys-adventure6 2021-epic-willys-adventure5 2021-epic-willys-adventure4 2021-epic-willys-adventure3 2021-epic-willys-adventure2



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  1. Joe DeYoung

    Thanks for posting this in the mist of your crazy schedule. I’ve been wondering about that adventure so really nice to see some pics. Wishing Ann a speedy recovery and good health to the rest of your family.

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