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San Angelo Die Casting and Manufacturing Products For the Jeep

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Texas’ San Angelo Die Casting and Manufacturing company was founded by Raymond V. Hart, according to a May 23, 1998, obituary in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The company manufactured a wide range of inventions, from nut shellers used as far south as Brazil to jeep products as evident below.

One of the more unusual products was this jeep trailer. Somewhere in the eWillys archives is an actual example of one of these trailers. I thought it was a custom concoction, but clearly it wasn’t.

san-angelo-tex-trailer-gun-holster1 san-angelo-tex-trailer-gun-holster2

The company’s main jeep-oriented product was gun racks (the firm produced both jeep and non-jeep gun racks). This hard-to-find brochure from the San Angelo Die Casting and Machine Company explains why there are a number of jeeps with similar gun racks in them. That “No. 20” model is particularly prevalent in jeeps.



Here is a box from an entry level No. 10 gun rack:





One of the odder products produced was this springy rear seat, presumably for hunting:




4 Comments on “San Angelo Die Casting and Manufacturing Products For the Jeep

  1. Larry Towell

    That dash rack is way cool! I think there are several racks that I could put to good use. Thanks for sharing, this is a really cool piece of Willys history!

    All the best,

  2. Blaine

    The brochure has a distributor’s name on it of ‘Northwest Truckstell’ which is still in business under different ownership and location(s). They sold flatbeds, mudflaps and many other truck accessories.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Sold a #20 in the original, San Angelo box at the Aurora OH show last Spring. Love to find this type of stuff in our inventories.

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