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1973 Slide of Las Brisas Surreys/Galas

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This 1973 slide that was on eBay is taken from behind two DJ-3A Galas/Surreys. In the background are some DJ-5 Galas/Surreys.



5 Comments on “1973 Slide of Las Brisas Surreys/Galas

  1. Raymond Robins

    Interesting picture. Will this continue the discussion on Surrey with a tailgate or no tailgate availability.

  2. Colin Peabody

    As for the discussion of the Surrey tailgate question, the Jeeps used at Las Brisas were standard DJ3As modified by a Jeep dealer in Acapulco according to what I have learned. The paint schemes were different, although pink and white, but many of them were modified as driving liquor bars and some had extended wheelbases to haul more hotel guests. The idea of the Galas and Surreys came from a Willys executive who went to Mexico to see how one dealer could sell so many Dj3A Jeeps. He got the brilliant idea to offer the paint and upholstery options to the bosses and they bought it. Mrs. Henry Kaiser loved pink and she cast the deciding vote, I am sure. Nearly all the Jeep vehicles used at the Kaiser properties in Hawaii were painted pink.

  3. Colon Peabody

    I suspect they are DJ5 and possibly DJ6 models. 2wd after 1965 when DJ5 Jeep’s we’re being built.

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