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Authenticast Surrey Jeeps

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I’ve had a little more time lately to spend sometime on eBay. One of the things I stumbled upon last week was an authenticast Surrey in Cerulean Blue for only $30 (including shipping)!! Now that was a score! I then made an offer on a pink one that I found and that got accepted, too. Here are pics of both.

I was surprised that these have such good weight to them; they are about 1.5lbs. The one moving piece on both is the hood, which lifts (tilting up while the windshield tips back), but the straps must be removed from one side for this to happen.

The Blue one still has some fringe on one side, but a piece of the bumper is missing and a strap is broke:

cerulean-blue-surrey2 cerulean-blue-surrey3 cerulean-blue-surrey4 cerulean-blue-surrey5

cerulean-blue-surrey6 cerulean-blue-surrey7 cerulean-blue-surrey9 cerulean-blue-surrey10

The Pink one is missing the rear tire and the fringe, but the straps appear in better shape:

pink-accucast-surrey-jeep3 pink-accucast-surrey-jeep4 pink-accucast-surrey-jeep5 pink-accucast-surrey-jeep6 pink-accucast-surrey-jeep7 pink-accucast-surrey-jeep8


8 Comments on “Authenticast Surrey Jeeps

  1. vernon

    i quit playing with toys when i was a small boy , then i met Lisa , did i tell you about the v.e.c. 46 cj-2a column shift i just got ?

  2. Bill Norris


    This is interesting. I found a green one a few years ago. It came nicely mounted on a piece of wood with a plaque that says ‘Colonial Acres Stable.’ I thought maybe someone just made it up as a gift or something. Maybe there was more to it?


  3. Barney Goodwin

    Steve, I have a pinks one of these. Previous owner told me he picked it up in a hotel gift shop in Mexico in the 60s.
    Mine has black wall rubber tires. Interesting that the spare tire would completely cover the ‘Jeep’ name in the back as this did and mine does. A licensed product as indicated by the(R) in the lower, right corner of the “p”. The hood and windshield are one pc attached to the model with those pins shown right below the windshield frame. It allows the hood to open, but not very far and probably not intended.
    Nice, vintage diecast collectable.

  4. Dennis in Astoria

    I saw that and I was going to bid but then lost track of time. I’m thinking it would be better off in my collection lol, I mean I do live and work in Astoria!

    I do have a blue one that I got from author Patrick Foster although it was missing its top, spare tire and had different wheels, which I have since changed again.

    More info

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Bill: Colin told me they made them in the three different colors. I haven’t seen a Coral Mist one yet. I’m actually sending this one down to Colin as it is a pretty close match for his Surrey, so it just seems a good home to me.

    Dennis: If I hadn’t already offered it to Colin, lol …. it seems everyone forgot to bid on it, which worked out well for me.

  6. Colin Peabody

    Thanks Dave. Looking forward to having it arrive. The pink one you have is probably the Coral Mist. The green ones were Jade Mist green.

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