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When Packages aren’t Packed Properly ….

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I bought this Yipao-themed jeep off of eBay. It included $15 for shipping. Given it is ceramic and given the shipping cost, I assumed the seller would properly package it. I was wrong. It arrived broken, wrapped in some bubble wrap, inside a flimsy plastic USPS mailer. Worse, nothing indicated it was fragile … Ugggghhh …. Based on the postage stamp of $8.55, I can see the seller went cheap and didn’t spend all the postage money I’d provided. Had he used a “if it fits, it ships box”, it likely would have arrived safely.

I’ve asked for my money back and he’s agreed.

I am hoping to be able to glue it back together, but we’ll see.

jeep-yipao-ceramic-broken2 jeep-yipao-ceramic-broken1


Here’s how it should have looked:



5 Comments on “When Packages aren’t Packed Properly ….

  1. Lester Senn

    Reminds me of when I was restoring my 43 MB . I ordered a 6 volt generator on Ebay from a seller in California. I live in the upper Midwest. It arrived in a plain cardboard box with absolutely NO packing material. I have worked in auto parts for my entire career and know how starters, alternators and generators are packed. The generator box looked liked it had been dragged by the delivery vehicle rather than carried in it and had both mounting ears broke off. I contacted the seller and asked him what he was thinking shipping this halfway across the US like this. He promptly refunded my money and I kept it for parts.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Lester, it’s certainly a puzzle as to why folks would try to ship that way, especially folks selling stuff over the internet/ebay.

  3. Craig in ME

    I agree with the comments about packaging, however….I packed up a WWII generator I sold to a guy in Texas. Wrapped in tons of bubble wrap, and ‘stuffing’, put into a large flat rate box, it too was all broken when he received it. It was a case of the postal workers throwing it around instead of poor packaging. He had to file an insurance claim.

  4. David

    Been there.
    Someone sent me mounts to convert Jeep from 6 cylinder to 8 cylinder.
    4 pieces. The guy put them in a flat rate box without the benefit of wrapping.
    They fell through the bottom of the box during shipping.
    The mail carrier had dirty hands after the delivery. I have a picture of the box somewhere.
    At least it was something even the Post Office could not break.
    When I was shipping UPS, I used to tell the clerk “tho only way they can damage
    it would be to run over it with the truck”
    The response was “they’re not supposed to do that”.
    Based on what I have seen, sometimes they do.

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