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Frank’s Engine Stand

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I dropped the ball on this one. Frank sent me this photo of the engine stand he constructed last month, but it got lost in all my busy-ness. Thankfully, he circled around and reminded me so we can all enjoy it. It looks great Frank!

Frank wrote, “I wanted to send a picture of my spare 226 and the test stand. I got the engine back from the machine shop 3 years ago and didn’t want to leave it without running any longer. I put together this stand so I could break in the engine,tune it and check for any leaks. I have pumped up the oil pressure with a remote pump and filled the crank case that way. Tried to use what I had around to build it and used some parts that I got from my Willys friend Ken. All I need now is a YF carter and put gas in the tank. Doubt it will ever see my wagon but it has been fun playing with it.”



3 Comments on “Frank’s Engine Stand

  1. Frank

    Thanks Mike. Thing is the engine in my wagon runs like new ( rear main leaks).
    I wanted an engine ready so if there was a breakdown it wouldn’t take a year to find one without a crack and to get the machine work down. Now I am ready.

  2. Mike

    Yes, those 226 engines are notorious for rear main oil seal leaks, and what a pain in the you know what to replace. The 62 wagon I have now, just replaced the fuel pump, just like old times 50 years ago when I had a 60 wagon, had 5 in all, always regretted selling, this one I’ve had since 1998 and intend to keep. Keep up the good work Frank, and keep in touch.

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