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This Trailer Followed Us Home Today


At some point in the near future my mother is selling her place. Her health has deteriorated quite a bit this year. Ann and I have pulled most of my stuff from her place, though there is one last big item … Lost Biscuit. To bring Biscuit home, finally, we’ve purchased a new trailer as seen below.

10-03-2021-trailer-4 10-03-2021-trailer-3 10-03-2021-trailer-2 10-03-2021-trailer-1

It’s a Great Northern tilt trailer with dual 5200 axles and an 18ft bed. It’s arguably overbuilt for carrying a jeep, but we felt that there’s every possibility that we could 1) take another trip to Alaska, which can be a rough ride at times, and/or 2) take a jeep with us cross country for a show or two. In addition, we wanted something capable of carrying our tractor, which weighs around 4500lbs.

Unfortunately, the slowing of the global supply chain combined with the pandemic has hit several trailer manufacturers (according to several dealers I spoke with while researching a trailer). Basically, these companies lack crucial parts to complete trailers, so they are waiting on any parts they can get to assemble trailers and get them to dealers. Multiple dealers told me they couldn’t say when their next delivery of trailers would be or even what models they might get.

The nut of it is, we didn’t have much choice on what we could purchase. But, we got what we could and it should serve us well.

So, on Thursday we’ll head for Seattle and pick up Biscuit and its various parts.


Biscuit from 2013 ….



2 Comments on “This Trailer Followed Us Home Today

  1. SteveK

    Well, that should handle most anything. You probably won’t even know Biscuit is hitchhiking a ride back there. Good Luck!

  2. Wayne Dunard

    damn I wish I would have saw something like this instead of the one I bought. It swings to much over 45

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