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1946 CJ-2A Prineville, OR $15,000

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UPDATE: Thanks to Claus and his brilliant memory, we have another example of a Capstan winch on the back of a Raymond Concrete Jeep. In this case, I had posted it back in 2010.  Raymond Concrete was formed in 1897, but went bankrupt in 1989.

Here’s the image:

A seller on eBay recently had one of these rear mounted PTO winches for sale. It, too, was from the Raymond Concrete company.



Originally Posted October 7, 2021: David shared this CJ-2A for sale in Prineville. He asked if I had ever seen a capstan winch mounted on a rear PTO gearbox like this one. I said I hadn’t. Moreover, the special equipment brochure for the capstan only shows it being used on the front (see brochure below). So, does anyone know whether the capstan was marketed for the rear PTO gearbox? Or was this more likely a custom setup?



Anyway, here’s the jeep in Prineville:

“Paint original(faded) No rust, No dents, No body repairs. Good top and doors. Runs and drives good. PTO winch, PTO rear capistan(very rare) Tow bar & hubs. All running gear original and operational.”

1946-cj2a-prineville-or44 1946-cj2a-prineville-or55 1946-cj2a-prineville-or66

1946-cj2a-prineville-or77 1946-cj2a-prineville-or88 1946-cj2a-prineville-or99


10 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Prineville, OR $15,000

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Don’t think the set up would work well without the fairlead.
    Nice Jeep. Top is the same we discussed on that orange one which is always coming up for sale in NY.
    M38 windshield frame which was a common conversion as they were abundantly available as surplus starting in the 60s.

  2. Keith

    Looks nice, Obviously not original paint though.
    Capstan could have been used to drag game to the Jeep but rotation speed and orientation would not have been very useful.

    I wonder what type of accessory was mounted in all those symmetrical holes in the tailgate.
    I was hoping for pictures of under the hood and the indercarriage.

  3. James A Miller

    I have seen these used to turn saws, either as a sawmill or to cut firewood to size. I wonder if this was used for that purpose.

  4. Mark J

    Was at the Fryeburg fair (Fryeburg Maine) this week and in the Antique woods man equipment display , Which is a working display of mostly ancient single cylinder engines with belt drives and associated devices,. Was a beautiful (Appeared mostly original) CJ2a with a PTO belt drive on the rear and a PTO Capstan winch in the front. It was lined up to run the rear belt on a big circular saw but was not running.
    No additional info on it but it fit right in as it would have been spanning the technology from the old single cylinder engine drive systems and the Jeep which was way newer than these old engines but it could have run any of the devices in the display. very cool. Of course they had new stuff too wich was also impressive.:) Mj

  5. neal jung

    that winch spool on the back was homemade , someone just jammed it on the 1 3/8″ spline , its not even vertical — fail — i have all the rear pto stuff for my early 1946 cj-2a column shift , including the BELT DRUM — thank you ARCHER BROTHERS , HAYWARD !!

  6. neal jung

    ps , there was a real nice 1965 J100 ? jeep gladiator truck for sale in prineville a few weeks ago , 230 ohc tornado , 3 speed manual , 4wd — its gone now , i wanted it , badly …

  7. Ted Jordan

    I’m with Keith, Barney, and Crazy Horse on this one. Cool little Capstan Drum on back, but def not original equipment. Might be an original Capstan drum head just mounted on the output shaft for dragging stuff sideways towards Jeep. Wicked cool little Jeep though. Great looking top, and front Winch looks like a bruiser. Doesn’t appear to be a Ramsey or Koenig unit. Doesn’t look like it’s got a Twinstick pto, but tough to tell.
    That setup at beginning of post is def the real deal, and I believe it’s still available, just saw it recently posted somewhere. I’ve seen a few of these on Willys Trucks but haven’t seen one on a smaller universal Jeep, yet

  8. Keith

    Rob wins the prize on this one for best memory!

    Looking at the photos on EBAY, that appears to be the same winch that is for sale again. Those are the same photos, and I can’t imagine two different winches could have the rookie mistake of putting of putting a metal cable on a drum designed only to be used with rope. That’s an awfully ‘stout’ box to hold a few pillow blocks and a shaft with a sprocket and chain.

    Anyhow, the capstan on the Jeep in Prineville is a different situation.

    (They still use electric capstan winches to vertically lift tools and materials in the construction business)

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