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1947 Photo of Dorothy Lamb in a CJ-2A on eBay

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The point of this photo was to get this point across: “People, return your milk bottles!” … newspaper reports of the time indicate there was a shortage of bottles throughout North America.

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“January 24th, 1947, Original Press Photo.
Mrs. Dorothy Lamb of Scarsdale, New York, goes to market in the modern manner, with a basketful of empty milk and beverage bottles. She is answering the plea for return of the 35 Million bottles that have gone “truant” in American homes. Every one must be returned to circulation if a shortage milk and beverages is to be avoided because raw-material shortages ins curtailing bottle production.”


As you can see in this ad published the January 04, 1947, issue of the Bradford Era (Bradford, Pennsylvania), the shortage was serious and ‘dangerous’!

This article from The Province, dated January 16th, 1947, out of Vanouver, B.C., provides more information about the crisis:



6 Comments on “1947 Photo of Dorothy Lamb in a CJ-2A on eBay

  1. Mike

    Our milk man in the 1950’s had a unique way of making sure milk bottles were returned. Milk was delivered twice a week, nd mom had a standing order, so if 3 bottles of milk were requested, 3 empty washed bottles were required. If this rule was not followed, you’d wind up short on your milk order.

    Soda bottles were fun, we’d save them up, then I’d load my little red wagon and pull it to the grocery store, cash the bottles in for a whopping 35 cents.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Look closely at the tread of the rear tire. While the spare is a non-directional as came with the Jeep, the tire on the Jeep appears different – almost like the radials today.

  3. Joe LeDonne

    This is a great shot and you can see exactly how tight the 7-piece tops fit from the factory. Like a drum.

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