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1943 MB(?) Philipsburg, MT **STOLEN**

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Phil’s father’s 1943 MB(?) was stolen from his father’s property in Philipsburg, MT, around October 1st.

“This Jeep was stolen from my Dad’s property in the Philipsburg area on or around October 1st. The Jeep is a 1943 Willy’s Military Jeep. It is a unique custom build with a lifetime’s worth of work done to it. One of the most notable features it has a 3.3 Cummings diesel motor. Reward if found!”

Here are two pics. Other features not mentioned by Phil include the CJ-2A windshield, a replacement body with an M-38 fuel tank, CJ rims, a slat grille and a square-tubed roll bar.




4 Comments on “1943 MB(?) Philipsburg, MT **STOLEN**

  1. phil

    Yes cj-7 frame, body streched 10 inchs, t19, full flooter rear end, shop made body, very little nos mb parts, mostly shop made, many other things not stock…Phil

  2. Joe in Mesa

    This has enough very unique features that hopefully someone will recognize it so you can get it back. Thieves suck.

  3. phil

    Yes there is not one like it and nothing is mb on it, just wanted a good jeep at the mine, did have fun building it to look like a mb script, even has WILLYS in the rear panle…Phil

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