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1949 ‘Budson’ Salem, OR $6500

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UPDATE: This was last listed (and sold) in March of 2020. Thanks to Marty for spotting it.

“Selling my 48 Willy’s jeep fully custom,has a 48 champion hood and front window as well as dash components, it has a slant 6cyl,three speed manual,on floor,4x4works I know it’s a weird looking but it’s one of a kind,have title and bill of sale, asking $6500 firm!! thanks ron it runs and drives, (needs the breaks worked on sold as is,I’m done messing with it,) great little rig!!!!!”

1948-budson-warren-or2 1948-budson-warren-or3 1948-budson-warren-or4 1948-budson-warren-or5

1948-budson-warren-or6 1948-budson-warren-or7 1948-budson-warren-or8


From January, 2011: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“Started life as a 1948 Willy Overland Jeep. Dash-windshield- hood from 1949 or ’50 Studebaker Champion. Hood ornament from a 1956 Plymouth. Side ports off a Buick. Seat newly recovered. Asking $3500 or best offer. Does run. Buyer will have to come get it.”


24 Comments on “1949 ‘Budson’ Salem, OR $6500

  1. David Eilers

    FYI: I forgot to change the old “SOLD” update to the current price. The current price is $3495.

  2. Colin Peabody

    I can see the Studebaker parts in the hood, slanted windshield, and doors, the dashboard. The headlights are Stude. Behind the doors is a mystery, but the side windows, seats and floorboard wood are Willys wagon units as are the rear tailgate and windows. The grille and front fenders are CJ5 with modifications. What chassis is under it and where did that slant six come into play? I think a lot of Olympia beer was consumed during the planning and construction of this unique vehicle!

  3. Bingo

    There are rednecks in Oregon! Functional hood scoops, vented to??? Cool his ‘Jetson’s’ no doubt. Kudos.
    Don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it. I’m gonna guess that’s grafted on an ol Crosley or Anglia wagon.

  4. roger titus

    I have to admit I’ve searched for hours to find information on this unique car. I’ve been modding rat rods for many years, this is one cool ride. I have to admit it looked even cooler in person. and im the new owner…….. yaaaa buddy. cars aren’t meant to be a purist version. unless you want to goto a car show with 20 more just like your next to you. I look forward to adding more unique styling to this.

    the more information anyone can give me to add to my car show plaque the better.

    thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    AND, it is SOLD again! …FaceBook message, “This Item Isn’t Available Anymore
    It has been sold. Take a look at these similar items below.”

  6. David Eilers

    Roger, thanks for the update. I too like these oddball kinds of creations. Have fun with this build! I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

  7. roger

    thanks I remember when snl did that skit. im a huge steve martin fan. and that’s exactly how ive seen and wanted others to view every car I ever built and sold.
    and hopefully I can add my touches to this build and who knows what shadows lurkkk

    I hope I can find even more history on this build as well, time to go scrub the net.

  8. Bingo

    Just curious Roger; Ad says 3 speed, but I don’t see any clutch pedal. Is it lurkkking in the shadows of the dash? & WTFrance is that lever on the steering column fer?!

  9. roger

    I was drawn to the way this truck looked from the beginning. as ive been a fan of older American cars since I was a kid. im finding out a bit more each time I look at it then I sceam out B I N G OOOOOO THERE IS ACTUALLY A CLUTCH PEDAL BUT CANT SEE IN PISTURES. AND THAY LEVER ON THE COLUM IS AN OLD BRAKING SYSTEM FROM WHAT IVE BEEN TOLD.,
    ooops sorry for all caps im going blind if you all cant tell.. each piece added from other makes an models makes this a piece of Americana or a meat puzzle. depends on whose eyes are looking at the time.

  10. Bingo

    Me Too! I’ve been assaulted by the vintage tin bug as well. Recently, I went to a (scarce) junk yard, trying to find a part for a Jap car. I was lost…..They all look alike……no soul anymore.
    Even tho’ y’all spell lurk w/3k’s, I’m gonna say you & yer car’s got soul.
    Sorry Dave….didn’t mean to use yer site like a CB radio!

  11. roger w titus

    hey guys just an update, the hood scoops are functional. they actually are caps to two ducts that are on the firewall on each side and feed into the heater box system in the inside firewall. ill post up more tidbits as I did into it. the dash in the car came out of a 48 Studebaker champion which is where the hood came from also. the builder did a great job of grafting the jeep grill to fit the contour of the hood that was used and chopped from the Studebaker champion as well.


  12. Marty Tilford


    If you everr take the transmission out to work on it i would be very interested in looking at the adapter that they used. I would love to copy it and make one foe me.


    Marty in Vancouver Washington

  13. Roger W. Titus

    Hello guys and Gals.

    I have good news and bad news for you all as a group.

    Bad News First. i just lost my lower left leg to the Dieabetes. its been a fight since december. and i am recoveing well in the VA rehab in Vancouver Wa. Old Stumpy is Healing well. Im out at end of May.

    Good News. I will have to sell The BUSON GOAT. As i believe a Clutch will be out of mind for my future.
    If anyone here wishes to discuss its new future let me know,

    Thanks Folk.

    Roger…Over and Out,

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