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Painting Push

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Ann took the opportunity last week to fly to Ohio to visit some of her relatives in Greenville, Ohio. So, I took the opportunity to make a big push to get a bunch of interior painting completed, hence why there were limited updates last week.

The interior (and exterior) of the house was themed with white, a light gray and medium blue. For our tastes, it was a bit cool on the inside; so, we wanted to warm it up and dress it up some. Having done a bunch painting during my college years, I’m pretty efficient when I get going. Two weeks ago we repainted the living/dining part of the house, then hung curtains. So, last week my goal was to paint the dormers, the hall, the kitchen nook, the foyer, and the hall way. Mission accomplished. Here are some pics for your amusement.

Here’s one of the living room and dining room during the painting process:


This is afterwards:



Here are the dormers beforehand: (and, no, I didn’t climb onto the ladder while it was on the scaffolding; instead, I used the bottom two steps of the ladder to make it easier to climb down from the dormer floor … but, I posted this pic to FB without explaining it because, you know, it is social media and I know some people would flip out …)


The second dormer in process of turning white:


And one all white dormer afterwards; much brighter:


Here are some completed pics of the hall, kitchen, and dining nook:2021-11-wilgus-painting-finished5 2021-11-wilgus-painting-finished4 2021-11-wilgus-painting-finished3

We feel like shifting to the beige with the dark blue accent, along with hanging the curtains (they still need to be ironed) has really warmed up the house, making it much more cozy.

One item that still needs addressing is the terrible molding job (gaps, bad cuts, bad painting job, no caulk). But, we are stilling trying to decide if we wanted remodel this central location area. I’d really like a larger cooking space (I want more counter space). If we don’t remodel, I’ll redo all the molding …

With this work out of the way, my plan is to spend a little time this week finally removing the spacers from the race jeep’s hubs.


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Kurt, if I had to climb it, I could have. It was pretty stable. I added some reinforcements to the scaffolding to increase its stability. But, I’m glad I didn’t have to climb the ladder ….

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