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Photo of GPW out of Nagasaki

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Morihisa Ochi posted this photo on FB of a GPW in Nagasaki after the Atomic Bomb. The top is interesting. According to him, “GPW in Nagasaki, Occupied Japan 1945 After a big factory near Ground Zero was blown off by Atomic Bomb, USMC used this area as a rifle range.”




2 Comments on “Photo of GPW out of Nagasaki

  1. John North Willys

    my father was in japan right after the war , navy , shore patrol , he always mentioned yokosuka and mama-sans , hahaha — he said the defeated japanese were good people , he said it was the government or emperor that was at fault — good old pops used to steal jeeps from the army , and re-number them — he liked riding in my 48 jeepster , get the whole family in it , go for lunch ..

  2. doug

    I have a yearbook of the occupation of Japan by the 2nd Marine Div. They also bulldozed a football field out of the rubble, and held the “Atomic Bowl” on New Years Day, 1946. There didn’t seem to be any concern at all about radioactivity.

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