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A Jeep in an English Hedgerow

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Bill shared this video about a jeep owner in England who discovered an MB in a hedgerow, only a short distance from his house. Going by the name “British Gollum”, he does a great job of breaking down some details of the tub and how he’s identifying it. It truly is jeep archaeology.


2 Comments on “A Jeep in an English Hedgerow

  1. Mike

    I’ve followed this Brit on uTube for a while now, Not only is this an interesting series, but also entertaining. I like that off the cuff British brogue, my kind of humor, along with the informal presentation.

  2. Konwakiton

    thats great , a jeep in a hedgehog — one time i found a spicer model 18 transfer case in a creekbed , just barely sticking out above the mud , STILL GOOD ??

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