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Robert Max and The Long March Home

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I don’t remember how I found this video (maybe from Facebook?), but it turned out to be a compelling one. Before his death in 2020, New Jersey resident Robert Max was the last known survivor of the Nazi WWII force laborers. A few years ago, he wrote a book about his experience, then narrated the following forty minute documentary video (playable for free on Vimeo). There’s a pretty interesting twist at the end, too.

Here is Robert Max in a jeep at Camp Atterberry in 1944:

Click on this image to go to the video page:


You can learn more here:


4 Comments on “Robert Max and The Long March Home

  1. Barry

    An amazing story. Camp Atterbury where the picture was taken is located a few miles north of us. It is still in operation today and has just hosted nearly 7000 Afghan refugees.

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