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Ray’s Surreys

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Ray’s put together a nice collection of surreys. You can see them in a pic he sent me. He’s working on the pink Surrey. If you happen to have the steering column shifter rods for a DJ-3A, he’s looking for them.



16 Comments on “Ray’s Surreys

  1. elvis

    2 pinks and a blue , wheres the green ? eh ? — can you use a willys 2wd wagon shifter , cut it down ?

  2. Bob

    I may have one on a steering column…it’s jeep, it’s column shift, it’s not early 2a. May be from a Tuxedo Park. Let me know if he is interested.

  3. raymond robins

    ELVIS The Green on looks Pink with the Neon Sign. You can see green if you blow up picture. I don’t need the shifter, I need rods to the transmission
    Bob The Tuxedo park rods might work.

  4. elvis

    R.R. — that is a green one !! — then theres another one behind the blue one ? — and a late 30’s willys car ? — thats FIVE !! — is there more ? — i’m at 4 willys trucks , 4 willys jeepsters , 2 willys aero cars , 1 willys sedan delivery , 1 willys station wagon , 1 cj-6 , 1 cj-2a , 1 jeepster commando ( and assorted other make cars and trucks we dont talk about )

  5. Michael from Dayton

    Nice collection. I have a 1957 DJ3a convertible and a 1957 DJ3a hardtop I’m slowly trying to restore (the body is pretty bad). How are your gas tanks? Do you know of somewhere/someone who reproduces them?

  6. Robins

    Michael, I tried to find replacement or custom, no replacements and customs were stainless and about $800.00. Cut out the bottom of tank and welded on new bottom. Used Tank Sealer for added security.

  7. raymond robins

    Elvis, there are 2 FC150, 1 49 pickup, 1 38 pickup, 3 surreys, 3 jeepsters, 2 station wagons and 1 dj3a convertible, that’s 13

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Cole,

    If you’d like, I’d be happy to post it on eWillys for you (it’s free). Email me at with info and pics (if you have them).

    – Dave

  9. Rocky Sinsigallo

    Hi I have a CJ2A with complete steering column and all rods and trans.
    let me know if you want pics. Its still in the jeep thanks.


  10. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the offer Rocky … I thought I’d done a post about the differences between the 2A, Truck/Wagon/Jeepster, and DJ-3A column shift parts, but apparently I didn’t…. There are some differences between the column shifters:

    1. The DJ-3A column is 5/8″ shorter than the 2A column
    2. The DJ arm is like a truck or jeepster column shift in that it has a slight twist outward on it, while the CJ2A lower remote arm has a double offset bend in it, and is stand alone to the 2A (From here:

    There could be other differences, but I’ve never had all types lined up to compare them. Also, the Aero Willys remote shift parts might work on the DJs as well, but I don’t know for sure.

    I hope that helps,

    – Dave

  11. jim brooksher

    Hi – I’m searching for a Surry Gala series Jeep for sale. Good condition as I’m not looking for a rebuild project.


  12. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jim,

    I haven’t seen any Surreys or Galas for sale lately. They seem to pop up sometimes at the Barret Jackson auctions.

    – Dave

  13. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Konrad,

    The DJ-3A tank are extremely difficult to find, as you are likely aware.

    You could try an early DJ-5 mail jeep gas tank, if you can find one. I installed one back in the 1980s in a flat fender I built for street, trail, and racing. There are early 1970s DJ-5 tanks for sale still, but you may need to built a custom bracket to hold it in place. An early 1970s CJ-5 tank ought to work as well. I have a 1973 CJ-5 tank under my custom flat fender, which also utilizes a better method of holding the tank in place than the tiny straps on a DJ-3A.

    The alternative is to have one custom made. My DJ-3A has a customer stainless steel tank built by the previous owner.

    I hope that helps,
    – Dave

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