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1971 Scamp? Buffalo, NY $6000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/18/2021) This may have been built from a SCAMP, rather than a VEEP, kit based on the grille setup. It looks in great shape.

“1971 VW “VEEP” Willys style Jeep Volkswagen kit car.”

1971-scamp-veep-buffalo-ny2 1971-scamp-veep-buffalo-ny3


One comment on “1971 Scamp? Buffalo, NY $6000

  1. zeb

    Interested as it’s not too far away, but I have o admit that the lack of effort put in to the ad just sours me. Minimal pictures at funky angles, zero engine pics, and no info about the drivetrain, or whether it has a top, or when it was built or if the seller built it or…..

    Sorry for the rant, just sad to see. Should I send him a message asking “Is this still available?” 🙂

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