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BAW BJ212 Available for 2021

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Bill forwarded this article. Looking for a brand new, old school 4WD vehicle? Well, look no further than this Chinese/Russian BAW BJ212. Of course, while you may be able to buy it brand new, getting it to the states (or elsewhere) might be a challenge.



6 Comments on “BAW BJ212 Available for 2021

  1. JW

    Neat. I don’t mind seeing this here. China and Russia got their inspiration from the Bantam, Willys and Ford Jeeps we gave them or left behind. This vehicle and others such as GAZ-64, 67 & 69 and UAZ-469 owe a lot to little American Jeeps.

  2. Marty Tilford

    It looks like a blend of toyota land cruiser, land rover defender and jeep. Kind of cool looking. I know its not a jeep but i would still drive it 😁

  3. Jeff

    I am kind of with Vernon on this one – we don’t import enough crap into our country. Besides it’s all copied/stolen ideas and technology.
    I’ll stick with a Willys

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Alexander

    “THIS DISGUSTING PILE OF @!#$%^ NEEDS TO BE CUT UP AND DISPOSED OF …” I’m sure you’re doing just that to your Chinese-made computer, your Chinese-made phone, your Chinese-made internet router and, come to think of it, about half of everything that you currently have. You are disposing of it, right?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Alexander,

    The guy who wrote that comment had a habit of writing similar comments. Most I deleted, but unclear to me why I left this one on here. I’ve gone ahead and deleted that comment.

    – Dave

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