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1969 CJ-5 “462” Profile on Hemmings

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Bill shared this story from Hemmings about a restored 1969 CJ-5 with the 462 package.



5 Comments on “1969 CJ-5 “462” Profile on Hemmings

  1. Mike

    Really nice restoration, for me though, I prefer the old used look, like the wrinkles in an old man’s face, tells a story of life. To each his own…

  2. CJ667V6

    ^^^ mike is right — and another thing , if you spend long green on a full restoration of a rare vehicle , at least do it correctly ? – wheres the 462 decals or emblems ? just looks like a cj-5 ? heavy duty frame ? i dont know about that ..

  3. Keith

    I try very hard not to post here unless it’s something positive.
    I’m not going to succeed this time.
    So, basically the purpose of the article was to promote a particular business?
    The quality of the paint finish is impressive. Far beyond the original finish.
    It’s a shame that they didn’t go with the original body. I guess they had no experience with how different (BAD) they are. I couldn’t help but notice that the front fenders were hung 3/8″ too low.
    Yes, the original 462 stickers would have been nice. Placing the original serial tag and trim tag back where they were would have also been nice.

    I encourage anyone that’s interested in the 462 to read the article in the Dispatcher Magazine.

    Oh, and never powdercoat vehicles prone to rust.

  4. Mike

    Keith, you made some very valid points, that’s why I no longer read nor subscribe to Hemmings, used to be known as “The old car bible”, I lost my faith in them a long time ago.

  5. Nick

    Keith, you have a very keen eye. As i read through the article and looked through the pictures i had not even noticed the fender hanger 3/8” to low also leading to a much wider bider line up top between the hood and the fender. All valid points!!

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