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Buick V6 History Video

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Bill shared this video that provides some history about the Buick V6. What the narrator doesn’t mention is that by 1965 installations of the Buick V6 were already happening in places like Salt Lake City, where a local dealer was installing them. At least one article in Four Wheeler Magazine also mentions the modifications necessary for a Buick V6 install. Unfortunately, my jeep mags are still stored, so I don’t have the Four Wheeler article handy to share.

(The good news is that we are nearly done with our master bedroom remodel. Once we move in there, we can remodel our ‘family room/office’, which is where we are sleeping right now, where I plan to display and shelve my books/binders until I can remodel the shop … one step at a time)


7 Comments on “Buick V6 History Video

  1. Cj667v6

    i have the buick v-6 history right here — the 198 cu in FIREBALL v-6 — bought it on craigslist years ago , it was out of a 1962 buick special , first year for a buick v-6 — it wont bolt into my 67 cj-6 v-6 , different bolt pattern till buick came out with the 225 v-6 in 1964 — i think the block has a small crack in the water-jacket — buick made 25 million v-6’s since the initial 1962 FIREBALL 198 — i bought the engine mainly for its historic value .

  2. Mike

    I have one of The FIRST FACTORY V/6 Jeeps 1966, with a one barrel carburetor. I Bought it in 1978 and remember when it was new. Five previous owners all known to me. Still have it today. The V/6, best engine ever installed in a Jeep.

  3. Bill

    Questions for you – why do you think it was the ‘best’ for a Jeep? What kind of HP can you get out it? Would a V6 Jeep make a good towing vehicle? Just curious! Thanks. Bill

  4. Mike

    Bill, In answer to your question, Fist of all. big improvement over the 4 cylinder, more horsepower & highway speeds. Talk about torque & towing power, my v/6 was equipped with 4:88 gears, holy crow, man they screamed, but boy oh boy, along with the V/6, top of the line for pulling & plowing power. Put the Chevy Blazers to shame when it came to plowing. Aside from that, engine parts were east to find, being this originally a GM Engine. Back then, no repro or after market parts, even today, stock engine parts evet to find at any auto parts store. I can’t see how anyone can argue the fact that the 4 cylinder had sufficient horse power. Even the posted video points out the superiority of the V/6 in contrast to the V/8. If you never driven a V/6, it will be difficult to understand the dramatic improvement in performance.

  5. Mike

    In reference to your above post, I’ve head of many guys being disappointed after finding out that the 198 cubic inch won’t bolt into their CJ5. Is the bolt pattern on the bell housing side of the engine different from the 225 V/6? The reason I ask is the following; I have a spare bell housing that was on a 1967 CJ5 V/6 225 and want to know if this will bolt up to a 198. Did the Fireball 198 have aluminum Heads? somehow I remember this aluminum problem with the 198 engine.

  6. Cj667v6

    Mike , Yes , the bolt pattern on the rear of the engine block is different than the 1964 or later 225 v-6’s . The 198 v-6 had cast iron heads and block . It was derived from the Buick 215 aluminum v-8 . The 225 v-6 was 3/4 of a Buick 300 v-8 . The 1964 Buick 300 v-8’s had aluminum heads , 64 only . I bought a 1965 Buick Skylark v-6 once and swapped the engine out for a 300 v-8 , saved the 225 for a Jeep . Shouldnt have done it , it was so fast I got a DUI in it doing 125 after a 49er football game . Speaking of DUI’s , I got one in my 53 Willys Aero-Eagle , illegal left turn , no turn signal , 2:30 am , closed down a bar . I dont drink and drive anymore , maybe just glacier water ..

  7. Mike

    cj667v/6, Thanks for the comprehensive information, now I know where the aluminum factor came in. Over the years, I’ve heard so many conflicting stories, great to now know the facts.

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