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Collecting Jeeps in the Dominican Republic

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Antonio and his jeep collection.

Antonio reached out to me from the Dominican Republic the other day. He told me he collects jeeps and was working on restoring an M-38. He needs the following parts: A windshield, the hood and the radiator front grill. Can be used but in good condition to restore. (If you think you can help him out with the parts he needs, email me at and I’ll share his email.)

I wrote back and asked if he could send some pics. He generously shared the following pics and a short history of how he got hooked by the Willys Sickness.

“My first vehicle was a Willys cj3 b that I bought in 1989, after several years using to work on it, I sold it. Several years later, in 2002,

I acquired another cj-3b which was very poorly rebuilt and I decided to convert it to military originality, (M-606 Sand desert in the photo), then I acquired an M-38-a1 and rebuilt too.

From, that moment I have not been able to stop. Now, I have several military Jeeps which I have rescued and rebuilt as best as possible.

I also have other willys from Japan and another from Spain, Ebro brand.

In the future I intend to create the first jeep museum in the DR. It would be located in my hometown, Constanza, a military city located in the center of our island, which is the coldest and highest city in the country.”

Here’s a good pic of his collection:


This show one of Antonio’s sons jeeping with a 3B in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps011 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps010
antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps007 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps02

antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps01 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps0 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps1 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps2

antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps004 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps3 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps4 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps5 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps6 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps7


Another M-151:


antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps006 antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps9antonio-domincan-republic-jeeps005



2 Comments on “Collecting Jeeps in the Dominican Republic

  1. Carlos Alejandro E.J.H. Weyler Weylerbourg

    Gentlemen, what a great article !!! – This is very cool indeed, to read. I also live part-time in the DR, but have classical vehicles a little bit “all around the world” and would love to have them here. Maybe You would put me through to Antonio ? I am certain, that this would be beneficial for all of us ! – Including the DR…

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