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1963 DJ-3A Surrey? Thousand Oaks, CA $3500

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This has an updated engine. It doesn’t run. Still, this may be worth a look. The paint/trim numbers seem to confirm the this may have been a Surrey (148 is the body paint color for Tropical Rose/Coral Mist aka “pink”).

1963-dj3a-ventura-cali6 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali7 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali8 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali9

“1 of 1100 made. The VIN tag confirms the pink paint underneath the blue redo makes the Jeep I have a “Surrey” or “Gala” I don’t know the history of the Jeep, I did talk to the PO who had the bucket sets and a Ford V6 Cologne motor from a Pinto put in it. He had no idea what it was. As it sits now it is not running. I have ordered the parts for the ignition including a Duraspark II distributor. I’ve done an oil change and coolant change. I’ve only had the Jeep a month or so and didn’t realize what I was buying. The body is really straight and surprisingly rust free. There are a couple <6″ spots under the passenger seat I found when I pulled up the carpet. It’s registered in CA as an Historical Vehicle. Registration is not current, but the title is in my hand and is clear. The Jeep is currently “not in the system” so there’s no back fees to be paid. Not sure what else to put, I’m new to the Willys game.”


10 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A Surrey? Thousand Oaks, CA $3500

  1. Ray Robins

    As someone who has restored two Surreys, this one is missing some of the very hard to find Surrey parts.
    Windshield grab bars, 3 bolt bumpers, Top Bows, side steps, seats and I’m sure there is more needed. If you have to have one or need parts the price isn’t bad.

  2. David Carr

    I’m the owner of that fine vehicle. I’m open to negotiate or trade for Commando parts.

    I have some kind of bows for the (non-Surrey) top that came with the Willys. But I don’t know if they are tbe stock set up.

    I’m happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

  3. David Carr

    Also, it’s got the 13” rims with brand new tires. The front and rear axles are stock and it has 9” drums all way round.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update David. I was wondering if those were the 13″ rims.

    – Dave

  5. Keith

    I assisted in identifying that this was a ‘real’ surrey by serial number and paint codes.
    I did notice that features such as the footman loops on top of the fenders for the windshield straps had been filled in.

    Just as a side note, a surrey slightly later than this one, serial 56337 22513, was purchased at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee last week for $27.500

    It was a fresh repaint over body filler that obscured the original body seams, and was missing the plate with the paint codes.

    I think David is doing the hobby a service by offering this actual Surrey as a restoration candidate at a reasonable price

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. David Carr

    The holes for the footman straps are evident in the fenders. I just double checked last night. There are holes for the grab bars as well. I looked last night for evidence of the side steps but didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. I have about $3k in parts I’ve ordered but not installed including DJ5 axles front and rear, a Culhane built C4 transmission, a Holley Street Avenger 2bbl carb, a Duraspark 2 ignition, aftermarket valve covers 15” postal Jeep rims and chrome Willys hubcaps.

    I didn’t put any of it on yet because I’m either waiting on delivery of said parts or I don’t want to get further away from stock if stock is what is desired.

    I’d be willing to deal on the Jeep minus the motor and trans. I’d be willing to sell the whole package.

    I’m for sure not trying to gouge anyone, but anyone watching the old truck market can see demand is rising exponentially and I’m making a fair offer for a pretty rare, decently clean specimen.

    I bought a 71 Commando today and would trade the Willys for Commando related parts.

  7. David Carr

    BTW, David, I tried contacting you prior to listing the Wee Willy on line and never heard back. Did I send the emails to the right place?

    I’m usedcarr at hotmail dot com if anyone wants more info, pics or whatever.


  8. David Carr

    And thank you Keith! I just reread your comment and realized I forgot to acknowledge your support. Apologies for the oversight and expression of gratitude.


  9. David Carr

    Sold. Thanks for all the help with ID and such. Much appreciated. I’ll be back around as a Commando owner next week


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