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Body Bars

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Now that I’ve seen two of these repurposed bodies on Facebook, does that mean this is a trend?

Looks like some kind of replacement body:



1943 MB Body:


2 Comments on “Body Bars

  1. Joe in Mesa

    While I appreciate the creativity, craftsmanship and whole re-purpose/up-cycle movement, I’m not sure I’m a fan here… on the one hand they’re saving a vintage jeep body from the scrap yard, but if this trend catches on then demand for Flatfender bodies increases, which could make them more scarce and more expensive. And is there any body/tub truly “un-restorable”? I’m thinking only “practically” unstorable or “economically” unrestorable. In the end, if they don’t destroy the tub with too many cuts and holes I suppose this re-use keeps it around for a future jeep project or other incarnation.

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