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January 22nd Auction w/Jeeps

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This auction video was shared by Grant. It includes a CJ-2A trencher jeep and a GPW. Start around the 10:30 mark.


2 Comments on “January 22nd Auction w/Jeeps

  1. Mike

    This is a Mr. Goodpliers video, watch him all the time on uTube. All he does is collect old cars (junk mobiles) along with his friend Joe, I don’t know how this guy earns a living, but I’d sure like to know his secret. He has hundreds of cars, and keeps buying more, jut hoards them away on his large property. He’s made close to 1000 videos, He’s not a Jeep Guy, but I do apricate his love of saving old cars. For me, being a NJ guy, it’s surprising to see nobody seems to complain about the old heaps sitting in his yard. Back in NJ, NO WAY.

  2. Shane Miller

    My friend Kolb bought both these jeeps! I went with him to load the trencher and what an absolute pain in the ass getting that thing on the trailer. Took 3+ hours to do. There was another place in the area with tons of early jeep parts, I picked it for an original Monroe crank driven pump, OG temp gauge intact, 5 perfect 16″ KH rims, Oakes air filter, spare tire carrier, light switches and a bunch of other parts you always need but can’t find. Good times and thanks for sharing the video!

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