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Kaiser SV-102 H Military Audio/Visual Wagoneer on eBay

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Bill spotted this highly unusual audio/visual jeep called an SV-102 H.

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“Available for you to consider is a 1967 Kaiser Jeep 4×4 6cyl w/3spd manual 3 on the tree. This vehicle has been stored away indoors for years. Engine spins freely and will run you will need a radiator , carb rebuilt, 2) 12 v batteries (24volt system) most likely clean up brakes and will need fuel system flushed with new fuel. This is a very rare unique vehicle. This Jeep was used in Vietnam for Audio Visual. This Jeep is out of Fort Knox. I really know nothing of this particular history of actual usage and very little information to be found on the web.

I understand it was a very low production vehicle with very few left inexistence. What I do know it is a great conversation piece. It really grabs attention. Check underneath pics. Floors, frame all very solid. Floorboards all solid, rust free….The patina is awesome. Has not been touched since back in the day….Rear barn doors… Seat in great shape as well as dash. Just a unique vehicle..”

1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer05 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer04 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer03 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer02 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer01

1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer0 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer1 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer2 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer3 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer4 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer5 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer6 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer7 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer8 1967-Kaiser-military-audio-visual-jeep-wagoneer10


5 Comments on “Kaiser SV-102 H Military Audio/Visual Wagoneer on eBay

  1. Miguel Raton ~

    hahahaha — this seller has one of the rarest jeeps in existence and wont tell you what engine is under the bonnet ? — he or she does say its a six cylinder , with a 24 volt system — by 1967 , Jeep had ditched the OHC TORNADO 230 SIX and went with a 232 RAMBLER SIX in civilian vehicles — of course they did use the TORNADO 230 in the military M-715 , 725 series vehicles — I have never seen a RAMBLER engine with a 24 volt system so I would bet that its the M-7 series TORNADO 230 — it will sell well into the 5 figures — the big boys will be bidding ..

  2. Keith

    That would be the 232 6 cyl. It’s not a 230 OHC
    That is a model number 1413 J100 4WD J100 (164)
    This unit is serial 200628
    First serial in June 1967 was 200585 and they were producing about 35 per month so the delivery date on the nomenclature plate of August 1967 is correct. (last serial of the 67 model year was 200653)

    It appears to still have the generator.
    This is the 2nd one I’ve seen.

  3. Shane Miller

    This is a friend of mines. If y’all have any questions or want to talk to him directly, let me know and I’ll connect you. He wanted to keep it, but grenades the engine in his Cummins diesel ram and is having to sell to foot the bill for repairs.

  4. Miguel Raton ~

    Ok , Barrys post mentions a 232 – 6 in a Audio Visual Panel , mystery solved … i use to fix the 196 cu in Rambler motors years ago at a gas station , flathead and ohv models … i think the 232 was a brand new design , not derived from the whiny little 196’s … i have a 1967 Audio Visual Jeep — 1967 Cj-6 v-6 Kelly Hardtop — It sounds like shit and and its visually REPULSIVE …

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