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Various Pics

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Roger has shared these pics over the last week.

This former Army Corps of Engineers Wausau Iron Works plow is cool. It was shared on G503. You can see a brochure for the plow here.

wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow1 wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow2 wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow3

Morihisa shared this photo of a Willys MA on Facebook:


Morihisa also shared this one on Facebook:


This CJ-6 appeared as a background item to a Yogi Berra Day in September 19, 1959. Mike posted this one to Facebook:


And, finally, this modified jeep for railroad tracks. It appeared here on Facebook:




6 Comments on “Various Pics

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    That is one serious snowplow, bet it did a great job. And looking at Yogi’s gifts makes me realize how times have changed, I remember seeing another old baseball player’s retirement photo from the 1930’s and he got hunting rifles and hunting dogs.

  2. Mike

    I can’t Imagine a huge heavy snow plow like this could possibly be mounted on a Jeep and be functional, much too heavy, prone to bend and crack frame and components. Weigh down the front end, over burden the leaf springs.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    I agree with Mike. And definitely not on an MB or 2A. Perhaps on the heavier M38A1 on pavement – maybe. And is there a lift for this? A lot is missing in the photo. How is the blade attached to the Jeep and how is it lifted?

  4. Dave

    If there is no lift, while making the whole thing less maneuverable, it would certainly relieve much of the stress on the frame that is commonly related to snow plows. The jeep would essentially just be pushing the V blade (which cuts through snow like butter). No real stress unless you hit something. V plows are sometimes used just to make the first cut through the snow and then other trucks with standard straight blades follow.

    I’d love to find one of these V blades sitting somewhere for a little bit of nothing and a case of beer. Not sure when I’d use it but I want one.

  5. Dave

    The Jeep-a-trench seems like a monstrosity that would never belong on a Jeep, yet it did. A little snow plow like that doesn’t seem like much.

  6. boo boo bear

    yogis cj6 has the cool canvas 1/2 cab top , MR RANGER SIR !!! .. i just cant stop saying that when in yellowstone , or JELLYSTONE

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