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Dreaming About the Post-War Jeep

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UPDATE: This article originally appeared in 2016.

This April 21, 1944, article in Canada’s The Maple Leaf theorized how the post-war jeep just might help you warm up together in the “slip trench”!





One comment on “Dreaming About the Post-War Jeep

  1. Colin Peabody

    in WWII, my father was an Army MP Lieutenant(later Captain) stationed in England, courted my English mother, no doubt in a MP Jeep, they married and I was born nine months later in an English hospital. My dad brought us both home from the hospital in a Military Police Jeep. So I suspect this story about WWII romances in a Jeep has a ring of truth to it!
    After Dad got out of the service in early 46 and Mom and I were able to join him in Illinois, Dad bought a 1946 CJ2A(couldn’t buy a passenger car) and mom got pregnant with my sister. Dad brought both of them home from the hospital in Galesburg in that CJ2A. That Jeep was our family car for a couple of years.

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