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My “New” Marx Pressed Tin Service Truck

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Thanks to Joe in Mesa for spotting this truck at an antique store for only $50. Usually these are pretty high priced (none on bay right now), so I was happy he found this in reasonable condition. It lacks the tow package and headlights, but I’ll take it none-the-less.

marx-toy-truck1 marx-toy-truck2 marx-toy-truck4 marx-toy-truck5


17 Comments on “My “New” Marx Pressed Tin Service Truck

  1. barney roos

    the questions are — is it a model 2T or model 4T ? — or model 2WD or model 4WD ? — 1/3 , 2/3 seating ? or full bench ? — column shift or floor shift ? — any options like rear pto ? — i have the full size model 2wd , red , and the model 4wd , yellow — both are column shift — my old girlfriend gave me a marx cj-2a ? metal jeep toy and then a framed early jeepster advertisement ” meet the jeepster ” ..cheers

  2. John

    Awesome gift! I bought one recently off Ebay and paid around $160 for it with shipping. Not a great price but I wanted it so I splurged. Goes well with my lineup of CJ2’s

  3. Joe in Mesa

    So glad you like it, Dave. While I’m more of a military jeep guy, I thought you’d know what this was and appreciate it ;-). Now if I could just find that original STARR-X Schlitz bottle opener, wall-mounted (my proverbial purple unicorn).

  4. James R Hybicki

    this used the same metal stamped pieces or the box as the marx jeep trailer. almost always missing the tailgate on the trailer.

  5. Vintage Don

    Are any re-pop parts made for these? I would love to find a tailgate for mine. On mine, the bed is the same red as the cab. The doors say: “Delivery. Service”

  6. Mike

    Vintage Don, should be easy enough to make, square, cut one out to fit from a scrap piece of metal or plastic, I do this all the time.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys! Joe definitely scored one for me on this one!

    Don: I haven’t run across any reproduction parts for them, but I think mike is right about making the tailgate. I’d be happy to take detailed pics of the tailgate if that would help.

  8. Vintage Don

    Yes, I would love to get subs photos to replicate a tailgate. I sent you a private email, Dave. Thanks.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Don,

    I didnt’ get the email, but sent you one. You may have sent it to the account, which no longer works.

    – Dave

  10. barney roos

    excuse me ? but the tailgate doesnt have a W-O on it or the 4wd stencil ( if it was a 4wd model ) … people pay long green for original Willys truck W-O tailgates … they were available to up to the 1953 models … thank you

  11. Mike

    Just for commentary and information, if in fact you wanted to add a W-O logo to a tailgate you were making for a toy pickup, it can be done easily, by using thin sheet metal. Make a pencil drawing on a tracing paper (onion skin) and then use a sharpened pencil to trace the image over the thin sheet metal. Take you time, it can be done, press hard enough and the W-O image can be pressed into your toy tailgate. This can be fun, and less expensive than playing with big boy toys, epically for senior citizens who no longer have the ability to work on full size vehicles. Creativity to make life work for you.

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