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Jamesway Sprayer Brochure

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I spotted this brochure on eBay. It’s not jeep specific, but does depict a CJ-2A using the sprayer. Given the model of jeep, I imagine this was a late 1940s brochure. The brochure came from Canada and the company is from Winnipeg, so the brochure was likely meant for the Canadian market.

I’m showing the order of this 4-page brochure backwards, as the jeep is on the last page, not the first.


sprayer3 sprayer1


One comment on “Jamesway Sprayer Brochure

  1. Steve S.

    That 200 gallon tank if full would weigh 1,668 pounds….almost as much as the jeep. I don’t know about you guys, but my jeeps sag in the back with a 200 pound passenger….I can only imagine what that would look like with a full load in the sprayer. I think it would be two wheel drive because your front tires would be in the air.

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