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1946 CJ-2A w/ Capstan Winch Statesville, NC $19,900

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When I saw the first photo of this jeep I thought it might be a real nice build. But, some of the other photos tell a different story. My thoughts are among the pics …

  1. Looks good at first, but given how good it looks, I was surprised the rims lacked stripes and the windshield was one piece.


The engine sports a later model oil filter bracket, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine was from something later.


Check out the transmission cross member. It appears to be angled forward a little, like it hit something when backing. It’s also missing the transmission skid plate.


This side of the crossmember looks better.


The passenger floor has a patch plate and the driver’s side floor a hole.


The cargo floor has been replaced and the fender wells are pretty beat up.


With the tailgate shut, this looks real nice in back.




11 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A w/ Capstan Winch Statesville, NC $19,900

  1. Mike

    That’s what I dislike about these dealer sales, misrepresentations at high prices. Somehow Dealers think that they can list for a higher price, without truly judging the quality of the vehicle restoration. The reason this is done is because of commission sales, the higher the sale price, the bigger the commission. In my opinion, I’d never buy from a dealer, Not only because I think they ae con men, but mainly because of their lack of knowledge about the vehicles they are selling.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, you say the oil filter bracket appears to be from a later engine. Do the oil filter housings look any different in later L-head engines also ?

  3. Lizard Farmer

    rims lack STRIPES and the correct COLOR !! — these 1946 cj-2A’s were JOHN DEERE tractor WANNA-BES !! — GREEN AND YELLOW — willys planned it that way , to try to bait some farmers into buying a jeep instead of a J-D TRACTOR !! — i have a very early 1946 column shift cj-2a , numbers matching , its waiting for some restoration work , it was green with yellow wheels , like a lot of 46’s …

  4. Keiith

    Not to mention the windshield is modified to single piece non opening,

    I have doubts whether the drive for the winch is under there.

    Notice the fresh brazed repair on the inner fender?

  5. Kurt in Renton

    Looks like the oil filter housing that came on my semi stock M38. What did this strap come off of ?

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, there were at least three different styles of the oil filter bracket.
    1. The triangle style seen in wwii and cj2as.
    2. A short live version with an oval
    3. The round hole version

    I will try to find a link.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, I misread your question. I thought you were referring to the bracket, but now I see it was the housing style. And, the answer is … I have no clue! I’ve never had anyone ask that question. Anyone know?

  8. Bill Norris

    There are stripes on the wheels you can barely see them.

    Backseat is all wrong.

    Flat floor in the back. Front floor looks goobered up.

    What’s up with the seat backs?

    Side steps came out in 1947.


    steps came out in 47 ? – live and learn , i sold some early ones a few years ago , wish i didnt now ..

  10. Craig in ME

    ….and no top bow brackets! That is the dead giveaway for me regarding so called restored CJ2A’s.

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