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2005 Boyle-Stamped Metal Wagon

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UPDATE: Here is a third one that was documented on Worthpoint and a forth one, also documented on Worthpoint. Both are slightly different from the two below and each other. My guess now is that these originated from this Australian company named Boyle. Though it no longer has jeeps listed, the site does include other vehicles with a similar vintage feel.

I bought this wagon off of eBay last week. At the time, I couldn’t find a comparable one. Though the eBayer listed this as a 1947 wagon (which technically it emulates), the stamp on the bottom clearly indicates it was made in 2005. My guess was that it was a newer model rather than an older one. Still, it was a good price (especially given it was coming from Canada) and a nice large piece in great shape. So, I bought it.

There is a similar one on eBay right now (NOW SOLD) (see pics at the bottom of the post), but there are numerous detail differences between them.

2005-boyle-toy-wagon1 2005-boyle-toy-wagon2 2005-boyle-toy-wagon3 2005-boyle-toy-wagon4 2005-boyle-toy-wagon5

Here are pics of the one currently on eBay:

There are a variety of minor differences between these two models. For example, this one has not stamp or date on the bottom. The windshields edges and wipers are different. The grille on this one has more slots than mine. This was has the 4-wheel-drive detail on the hood (mine doesn’t). This was has different hubcaps than mine. Mine has more “lines” on the bottom edge of the sides than this one. The steering wheel on this is brown and sits higher than mine.

32005-no-stamp-wagon-toy3 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy4 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy5 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy6 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy7 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy8


7 Comments on “2005 Boyle-Stamped Metal Wagon

  1. Mike

    This is tempting, the one listed on eBay now, has a seller in North Bergen NJ. Strange how life passes you by, and as you age, tend to re-connect with you past, especially in terms of childhood. Here’ the strange part to this story, many of my remembered childhood toys with fond memories have been bought from current sellers based in New Jersey, Clifton NJ being my home for 60 years. Back in the 1950’s, we would visit relatives in North Bergen NJ. On one of those visits, my cousin Robbie had one of these Willys Wagon toys, I was memorized. THE NORTH BERGEN CONNECTION IS THERE, I’M GOING TO GO FOR IT TO HELP MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE. THANKS DAVE FOR BRINGING THIS TO MY ATTENTION.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: Since it sold on eBay, I’m assuming you bought it? I think it’s a great piece. A good size and seems sturdy. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    Bill: Maybe the museum was the entry point into the US market (if they were indeed made in Australia)? Good to know.

  3. Mike

    Dave, YES, I bought it, I couldn’t resist, It’s mine, I should have it by Friday. As soon as it arrives, I’ll post some pictures, maybe even some video, boy oh boy, am I happy. We can compare notes on differences between our models. Once again Dave, a big thanks for bringing this to my attention.. Mike

  4. Colin Peabody

    The wagon goes well with your Marx tow truck! Glad Mike in NJ was able to buy the one on eBay. We revert to our childhood, better times in our minds!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    That’s great news Mike. Thanks for the link!

    I was very pleased at the quality, too.

    – Dave

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