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Marx Willys Truck Tailgate Specs

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I put this series of tailgate photos together for Don, but perhaps others can use these measurements? If I had more time, I put together a drawing with them, but, for now, this is the best I have:

marx-truck-tail-gate2 marx-truck-tail-gate10 marx-truck-tail-gate9

marx-truck-tail-gate8 marx-truck-tail-gate7 marx-truck-tail-gate6 marx-truck-tail-gate5 marx-truck-tail-gate4 marx-truck-tail-gate3 marx-truck-tail-gate1


One comment on “Marx Willys Truck Tailgate Specs

  1. Frank

    To all,
    My Willys jeep with trailer has the same tailgate on it. The jeep is an older one with rubber highway tires, not non directional tires. The jeep has working headlights. It is painted red with a yellow windshield. The trailer is painted blue with a red tailgate.

    This jeep/trailer was purchased many, many years ago at a swap meet at Squaw Valley in the late 70’s and had the original box with it

    For what it is worth.


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