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Budget Builds Saves a 1952 Truck

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Bill shared this Autorevolution article. I’ve included the video of the rebuild as well.




2 Comments on “Budget Builds Saves a 1952 Truck

  1. i was born in the south too

    i watched the 2 videos , most of them — the timing gear part was bogus , if the marks line up , they line up , case closed — the guy did a cheapo valve job to the head , but nothing for the exhaust valves ? — willys shop manuals describe how to install the oil pump , the distributor slot has to be at 11 oclock , big side of the slot up — i used to do all this when i was a kid , smoking muggles and drinking beer — i would rebuild a f-134 completely and have it start and run on the first try — this guy does has some basic knowledge of automotive mechanics , he missed a few items , but he didnt give up … BRAVO !!

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