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Ringling Bros. Circus Jeep **SOLD**

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I tried to win this unusual Ringling Brothers circus jeep (here are a couple real-life examples of a Ringling circus jeep and Charlton Heston in one here), but I was out bid (it went for $31.99 and I bid $31). This has some nice details on it as you can see in the pics.

ringling-brothers-circus-jeep01 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep0 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep1 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep2 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep3

ringling-brothers-circus-jeep4 ringling-brothers-circus-jeep5


5 Comments on “Ringling Bros. Circus Jeep **SOLD**

  1. east bay grease

    dude , on ebay — BID HIGH OR WAVE BYE BYE !!! — you miscalculated by .99 cents !!! — so sad 4 u …

  2. Blaine

    Dave, you don’t know that you missed out by .99. The other guy may have been willing to go to $150 but he didn’t have to.

  3. east bay grease

    ebay is the evil empire — it has taken a lot of my rubles — but i guess its better than buying drugs ? ? — i have my sniper bids down to 5 seconds to go …

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Yeah, I get that. That winner was willing to pay at least $.99 more than me 🙂

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