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The Commando “Farm Hand” jeep?

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Barry shared this June 1971 Ad from “The Progressive Farmer”. It touts the Jeepster Commando as a “Farm Hand” jeep, a term used as far back as the February 03, 1945, Willys-Overland Ad (at bottom). While off-road capable, I never pictured this model being used regularly as a Farm Jeep (maybe it was?).


From February, 1945:



One comment on “The Commando “Farm Hand” jeep?

  1. Jed

    sure , why not ? i have a 70 commando on my farm ranch , theres a bird or a bat roosting in it — i can see the guano — the seat they show in the ad was made by the Bostrom company , the actual seat is the same as the CJ’s of that era but not the lower supports — my commando used to be owned by a friend in the sierra nevada mountains of california — him and his wife and 7 children were living a dirt camp near the stanislaus river in the 70’s , i remember seeing the commando sitting there with a big bag of potatos in the back , the potatos had long vines growing out of them — BWAHAHA ?? THATS COUNTRY !!!??

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