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Signage @ eWillys

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The other day I replaced an old antique yoke the previous owner had hung over the shop door with this eWillys sign. The sign was given to me back in 2013 by the Spring Willys Reunion committee, along with a Toledo Brick award, as a thanks for my work with eWillys. It’s hard to believe that that event was nine years ago!


Now that I have additional wall space in the shop, if anyone has some vintage jeep signs that you just don’t know what to do with them, drop me a note at and maybe we can work something out.



4 Comments on “Signage @ eWillys

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: Many thanks!

    Vernon: It’s just a bucket that I used to hold open the screen door. Actually, I gave up smoking cigarettes when I was 13 and my father found me and some friends smoking a cigarette I “borrowed” from mom’s stash. I felt so bad that I never smoked them again.

  2. Rancho Lizardo

    dave , ditto , i quit last century , i quit everything , even water , fish fornicate in it … my 48 willys 4wd truck got a new 2023 sticker on the plate today , $150 bucks ! — i remember when it was $25 ! — the plate looks as old as the truck , been on there since i got it in 71 , can barely read the numbers , i’ll have to fix it up a little — or i do have the front plate behind the seat , its a lot better condition , because its behind the seat !! not on the fancy chrome front bumper with optional bumper guards !!

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