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1953 CJ-3B Dually/Auger Phoenix, AZ $4000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

(01/03/2022) This is a big, unusual project. I might have posted this when it was first listed, but I can’t locate it at the moment.

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“This Jeep was sitting for many years. It was an auger during its working life. I got it from a guy who installed fences along property lines in Apache County in Arizona’s White Mountains, intending to get it running but it became a project that went to the back burner.

I took the head off to see why the engine did not turn completely over and discovered that one of the valves is stuck. The cylinders are smooth and free of any scoring and the pistons move freely up until the point where the valve sticks. The Jeep was down due to a broken gear in the auger’s drive mechanism not because there was a problem with the engine or transmission. The original F head engine had been swapped out with a CJ2A L head engine.

I bought a bunch of parts for it. I have a replacement starter, distributor, carburetor, rear drivers side brake drum(already installed), master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinders and rebuild kits, shift knobs and rubber boots, etc. I even bought a new 6 volt battery for it but never installed and now due to sitting, it fails to hold a charge. It may be salvageable by opening the case and desulfering it. They are all included. All the parts for the auger are there including the broken pinion gear that needs to have the broken teeth built up or a new gear made up.I am selling it as is as I do not have the time to continue it.




It needs a new gas tank as the old one is swiss cheese. Also its missing the windshield and could use a couple of tires. I had bought new ones but the sun damaged two of them. I have several extra rims for it. Also the rear drivers side brake hardware is missing (shoes, springs and adjuster).


This Jeep is a work of art as the auger mechanism is all hand built with off the shelf parts. the guy modified the hydraulic cylinders, built all the mounts, adapted a truck tranny to a hydraulic pump run off of the pto with industrial grade chain couplings run off of a multiple belt drive. Complete with outriggers and heavily beefed up rear suspension.

I am a professional welder by trade and admire the handiwork and craftsmanship put into the building of this machine. The guy was a master fabricator and this piece shows it. You don’t see this kind of work any more.”


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