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Newest Authenticast Surrey DJ-3A

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eBay has been a bit frustrating lately as there has been a dearth of interesting vintage jeep items to purchase (especially interesting brochures). However, I did spot this Authenticast jeep for sale. The front bumper is broken (which seems the norm), but I do have the broken piece, so I will try to put it back together. Importantly, the straps, fringe and spare tire are all there (these are the three things most often missing).

authenticast-surrey-dj3a-0-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-1-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-2-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-3-lores

authenticast-surrey-dj3a-4-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-5-lores


5 Comments on “Newest Authenticast Surrey DJ-3A

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I don’t know when they were made; certainly after 1959.

    Here’s some basic info about Comet:

    This information seems to explain how “Authenticast” came about as a part of Comet:

    I don’t know how accurate this database is:

    Whether this is the company that produced these jeeps isn’t quite clear to me.

    Comet appears to have made wagons, surreys and other jeeps. Here is a pic of both a WWII jeep and SEEP by Authenticast (about 2/3 down the page):

    This info seems worth a larger post …

    – Dave

  2. Mike

    Thank you Dave, for all this valuable information and for your time and effort, it is apricated.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I’ve seen them listed on eBay for between $100-$200 depending on condition and completeness. What they are actually selling for I couldn’t say for sure.

    I would imagine that collectors of high quality examples would pay more. The ones I’ve bought have averaged about $100, but mine don’t looks perfectly NOS.

    Here is a poor example of one listed on eBay for $90, but I’d be surprised if the seller got that much:

    Here is another in about the same shape for $129.99:

    Another another in the same shape for $189:

    I hope that info helps.

    – Dave

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