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Newest Authenticast Surrey DJ-3A

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eBay has been a bit frustrating lately as there has been a dearth of interesting vintage jeep items to purchase (especially interesting brochures). However, I did spot this Authenticast jeep for sale. The front bumper is broken (which seems the norm), but I do have the broken piece, so I will try to put it back together. Importantly, the straps, fringe and spare tire are all there (these are the three things most often missing).

authenticast-surrey-dj3a-0-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-1-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-2-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-3-lores

authenticast-surrey-dj3a-4-lores authenticast-surrey-dj3a-5-lores


3 Comments on “Newest Authenticast Surrey DJ-3A

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I don’t know when they were made; certainly after 1959.

    Here’s some basic info about Comet:

    This information seems to explain how “Authenticast” came about as a part of Comet:

    I don’t know how accurate this database is:

    Whether this is the company that produced these jeeps isn’t quite clear to me.

    Comet appears to have made wagons, surreys and other jeeps. Here is a pic of both a WWII jeep and SEEP by Authenticast (about 2/3 down the page):

    This info seems worth a larger post …

    – Dave

  2. Mike

    Thank you Dave, for all this valuable information and for your time and effort, it is apricated.

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