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Re-Grading the Little House Lawn

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In another of the series of why-I-am-not-working-on-jeeps-right-now posts, the warm weather has allow me to get busy the last couple of days regrading the lawn next to the guest house. The previous owner had put a garden next to the shop. We wanted that to go, because it was in the shade most of the time and because it didn’t make sense for us in that location. In addition, there was a negative slop into the south side of the guest house. Finally, we want to add a walking path along the lawn side of the shop and install some new sprinklers (line were laid for this area, but, we have discovered, the growth of the lean-to-structure (at back) and the construction of the guest house a few years ago appear to have been built, in some cases, over the original lines. So, we are having to locate this sprinkler line as we go.

Here’s what it looked like when we bought the place:

2804-s-wilgus-prosser-26 copy

All those issues led me to regrade the area this weekend. Pulling up the grass turned out to be the most difficult part. So, I used my fork-lift forks to stab, then lift the grass. The result was this jumbled mess.


Eventually, I got all the area roughed out, with the sod and dirt piled in one big pile.


With the roughing-out completed, today I will spend some time using a level to see what other work needs to be done, mark the future walk-way path, and layout some additional lines and sprinklers.

Now I just have to find a place for all that dirt!


2 Comments on “Re-Grading the Little House Lawn

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I already have someone willing to take the dirt and move it, which saves me a huge amount of hassle. Within an hour of here we have steep grades, sand dunes, dirt, and some trails, so no shortage of places to test jeeps. Time is my biggest nemesis at this point!

    – Dave

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