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Nate’s Willys Electric Light Plant

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A few months ago Nate shared a few pics of a Willys Electric Light Plant. Below are a few more. He has even more pics and info on the earlyCJ-5 page:

For those going to the Willys Picnic this year, it sounds like he will be bringing it along (June 12th Kempton, PA).

electric-auto-lite-corp-nate01 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate02 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate03 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate04 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate05

electric-auto-lite-corp-nate06 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate07 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate08 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate09 electric-auto-lite-corp-nate10


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