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WWII Jeep Gets an Honorable Discharge

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UPDATE: I had something else planned for today, but my email turned flakey, so those pics will have to wait until tomorrow …. This is the third time I’ve reposted this, as the first two links turned back.  I first posted the video below in 2015. It’s worth a second third look.

This video is called “WWII Jeep Gets an Honorable Discharge” and shows Mayor Fred Heine’s Ford GP. The video shows the jeep working on the farm. Lots of great shots. Wyatt’s father was the first person to work on it when Fred Heine couldn’t get it started. The jeep is now at the U.S.Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville Alabama, which was featured last week.



11 Comments on “WWII Jeep Gets an Honorable Discharge

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Wow, what percentage of the people that saw this film said “I have to get one of those someday”?

  2. Mark S.

    I love this video, first time I have seen it. I guess I will have to spend some more time checking out YouTube. The only scary part is at 0.53, when the gal walks on the windshield glass.

  3. mbullism

    that’s the ultra rare g503 that goes from stamped to slat to stamped while you drive it, lol… and x3 on the glass walking. Yikes!

  4. steve

    I think I read somewhere the jeeps that berg got were preproduction models beat up in the US. They weren’t overseas. Cool flick even though there were different models.

  5. Blaine

    JP and and about a dozen other magazines have gone digital only. I don’t like digital. I’ve lost two subscriptions due to this. I did get refunds at least.
    I like to pick up my magazine on a whim like during a TV commercial or have a few minutes to kill. When I go camping I want to look at a paper magazine. I called and griped to the nice lady at Ten Publishing (she agrees with me). For these magazines you can no longer browse the library at the super market and decide “I want this one ” That sale is now lost. Half of my magazines that have an article I want to read are store purchases. Maybe I’m old fashioned. But that’s why we like old Jeeps, old trucks, vintage trailers, etc.

  6. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Does anyone know what criteria the armed forces used to decide which jeeps to surplus? I don’t think I’ve seen any article about that subject.

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