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Dutch’s High Hood to Low Hood Project

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Bill shared this post about a rough CJ-3B that was rebuilt into a CJ-2A-looking jeep. The result looks good, but it is also a good reminder that what appears to be a particular model may not be so thanks to the interchangeability of parts.


10 Comments on “Dutch’s High Hood to Low Hood Project

  1. Dutch 1960

    Thanks for the link!

    I have been lurking here daily for years, checking out all the combos of parts, how things can be put together in different ways, getting basic inspiration for all sorts of potential builds—and what to maybe stay away from.


  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dutch,

    I’m hopeful the site helped. Obviously, not everyone is a fan of modifying a 3B in this way, but it’s your jeep so have fun with it!

    Best of luck!
    – Dave

  3. Dutch 1960

    Well, I did build it to my preferences, to make me happy. I have a grin ear to ear while at the wheel, and anytime I am within sight of the thing. The tub, underneath it all, is a total mess, stitched together with all sorts of patches and panels. It was rotten enough I wouldn’t have used it if it hadn’t been a VEC, but I wouldn’t have used a worthy VEC tub, either, that could have been restored to stock, for this sort of mixed-up thing. Any possible future buyer will know what they are getting from me, as it’s not like I am hiding what I have been up to. BTW, I don’t plan to sell until I age out of being able to drive it.

    It doesn’t seem to me any more or less worthy than a lot of builds that show up on EWillys postings. Just a bit different…One thing I have learned from all the builds here, over the years, is that anything is possible, and most of it has been tried on a Jeep by someone…

    I am working on restoring a Koenig half-top for it, a spare tire rack to fit inside the roll bar, and adapting sidedraft carbs—perhaps British SU’s, to the spare F-Head engine (so it can clear the low hood, should I decide to add some HP). Work in progress, always a work in progress.

  4. Bob

    At least you did not take a nice 3b and make it a cj2a because you thought they were ugly! I’ve seen guys do this. My first love are CJ3Bs. I love the 2a and 3a also, but not like my B.

  5. Allan J. Knepper

    I am a proud CJ3B owner and I have no desire to change it. When you look at the big picture of what Dutch did with his project…….he made the most of a LOT of stuff……great job.

    I think the bigger thing here is the outlook that Dutch has on the big picture Willys experience and mindset. Love for the outdoors and trails from an early age……both with and without mechanical conveyances…….the idea of “slow fun” and the appreciation for stopping to smell the roses…….realizing that go fast stuff involves RX7 on a road course…… need for the perfect restoration that dreads tree branches……..having life,family, making a living alter our immediate Willys activities, but always faithfully returning……..and last but not least for us old folks…….understanding the journey that we are all taking part in.
    Have fun.

  6. Bob

    Terry, they are my favorite and always have been. Much more aggressive looking than a standard low hood.

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