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Bird Brains

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UPDATE: When we left for Seattle Friday morning there was no nest. However, upon returning from Seattle robin had fully rebuilt the nest (that would be the third nest in three days). So, grabbed some fending wire and have temporarily installed it over the cross beam. I think the problem is solved for now …

Yesterday on my way out to the shop I noticed a new addition: a Robin’s nest2. That’s it is over the sign really ticks me off. So, I checked for eggs (because I’m not a monster) and, not seeing any, I removed the nest.

This morning, I see ol’ bird-brain back at it, rebuilding the nest in the exact same spot (see pics of the new nest being rebuilt below). Well, that ain’t happening! Looks like there will be a battle of wills!

2022-04-28-bird-nest-shop1 2022-04-28-bird-nest-shop2


13 Comments on “Bird Brains

  1. Mike

    As many times as you condemn their home, they WILL rebuild, same experience here, 12 years in row. The birds win, have a nest right out my back window now.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    John: That’s a good idea.I could tack a few up there.

    Mike: I have discouraged them from a couple other places, so I’m hoping to continue my successful streak.

  3. vlad the impaler

    i had a sapsucker ruining my apple trees — ( 1 ) 22 cal pellet from my vintage benjamin pump air rifle solved the problem — i got him from 50 feet away — though i think i just winged him , a small puff of feathers and he flew off for the creek ..

  4. vlad the impaler

    excuse me ? — i had a robin nesting at my previous residence and THEY ARE NASTY BIRDS !! — when you think of robins , you think of spring , red breasts and such — WRONG !! — ROBINS ARE SIMILAR TO THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT , PATENTLY OFFENSIVE !! — when nesting , they will go after any other bird or HUMANS !! — a mean and vile bird ..

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Jonathan, thanks for the input. I thought about that. We had an office in Cali where they had those spikes all over the place! I am hoping the moth balls are a simpler solution.

  6. Blaine

    When I was building my house 22 year ago, birds kept building nests in one particular spot. I read that if you put up a rubber snake that would keep the birds from building there. I was cheap at the time but I did have a foot long piece of black sheathed cable which I hung there. Haven’t had a nest there since.

  7. John Fraley


  8. Terry

    David, I think the Robin was there before you, they tend to return to the same place each year. Robins eat bugs, get rid of the bird and you may get ants and termites.

  9. Craig/Vermont

    Put an old jacket on a coat hanger and hang it there for a while…that method keeps ’em out of my open garage.

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