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1942 GPW Lindon, UT **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was on eBay.

Bill shared this 1942 GPW that’s themed as a British SAS LRDG jeep. Has some passenger floor rust.

View all the information on eBay

1942-gpw-lindon-ut5 1942-gpw-lindon-ut6 1942-gpw-lindon-ut7 1942-gpw-lindon-ut8 1942-gpw-lindon-ut9

“Runs great. Brakes have been adjusted and the jeep slows and stops as designed.
Shifts smoothly and doesn’t slip out of gear.

Nov 1942 GPW runs well
the wires to lights need to be connected
the grill is not cut but has been painted black
the tires and tubes are new
the floor hat channel rusted out under the passenger seat. It’s covered by a piece of sheet metal. See pics. That’s the only rusted area on the jeep. The floor and tool compartments are solid
The tub, fenders and hood are original.
The data plates are new.

Everything you see in the pictures is include except my grandson:

Vickers K are non-firing resin and metal
Browning 50 bmg (shoots water 15-20′)
Utah state vehicle title
12 fuel cans
flimsy fuel can
large oil can
4 green 50 bmg ammo cans
Oil bath Air filter (not in place when pictures were taken)
3 wood ammo boxes
British cot and water canteens
non-firing 9mm Sten with magazine
Videos of the jeep are available running/driving

I’ve had multiple offers to buy the Vickers K machine guns so if they are of no interest, I could pass along their info to the buyer


5 Comments on “1942 GPW Lindon, UT **Status Unknown**

  1. John


    The vehicle is in ebay.
    This site just reposts ads for greater distribution to Jeep fans/owners/prospective buyers.

  2. Keith

    Yes but I want to talk to you on the phone. EBay keeps me from trying to give you my contact info

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Keith,

    John isn’t the seller. He was just trying to explain that any contact of the seller will have to go through eBay, because the seller may not read eWillys. It looks like the auction ended without a buyer, so the jeep is likely still for sale. You can try contacting the seller via the “contact” icon on eBay (, but given the seller has no items for auction right now, the eBay system may not let you contact he seller.

    – Dave

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