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DJ-3A Windshield Placerville, CA $200


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/27/2017) Not many of these around.

“Willys Jeep DJ 3A windshield frame. $200.00. Call Mike. 530-six two two nine three five three.”



17 Comments on “DJ-3A Windshield Placerville, CA $200

  1. Mike

    I was 15 years old back in 1965, (Yes, another back in the old days story) when I carried a DJ3A windshield frame like this on my shoulders a good half mile walk to Arnold’s Reliable Glass Shop to have the windshield replaced. Arnie was so impressed, he offered me a part time job after school. The glass shop Co. slogan was, “GIVE US A BREAK”.

  2. Colin Peabody

    This windshield frame is for a DJ3A with the hardtop. It is wider than the standard DJ3A windshield.

  3. Mike

    Still surprised, I wish it it was closer to home, I could re-live the past. Hopelessly lost in the 60’s.

  4. Dave

    I’m not the least bit surprised it hasn’t sold. What does surprise me is that it hasn’t gone to scrap yard by now. I have one, and the rest of the top to match, that nobody wants. No market for DJ stuff.

  5. Mike

    I would want it if you were near me, you’re right though, no market for DJ parts. I always thought the DJ Dispatchers with the fiberglass panel hardtops were cool. The top design was and still is way ahead of it’s time.

  6. Mike

    I still want it, going on 3 years and still for sale, it was meant for me to have, I don’t have it yet, what I do have is a hope & a prayer, is that enough? No need to repeat my “ARNOLD”S RELIABLE GLASS STORY”. (Give us a break was lettered on all his Co. VW panel vans) 70 years old and still living out my childhood dreams. Will I ever grow up? no, not me. Reality is a thing of the past. Maybe I can ship it via Greyhound.

  7. John

    I have one of these and the hardtop for sale. No ones wants it. Even the average CJ2a/3a owner hardly knows anything about the Dispatcher model. No market. I’m sure I’ll be sitting on my items for quite a while

  8. Mike

    John, I think I’ve seen your hardtop for sale on Craig’s list, the problem being I’m so far away. I owned a DJ3A hardtop in the 1960’s and always thought they were cool. Back in NJ during those years, hardtop DJ3A’s were popular for restaurant and drug store delivery. Hate to see this stuff go for scrap. I’ve been seriously thinking about setting up a tax exempt Jeep rescue charity foundation (I think it’s called a 502} to save old jeeps and parts from the crusher, pass them on to those who can put them to use. The BUS BOYS. org does this with old transit buses, no reason it can’t be done with old Jeeps, or any other vehicle for that matter. Not everyone has BIG BUCKS, no reason why the average guys couldn’t do this. If there is any interest in this let me know.

  9. John

    Mike… where abouts are you located? I’d never scrap the top and will wait years (most likely what I’m going to do) before it sells but I wont scrap it. If you’re in the tri state area (NY NJ CT) possibly could set up some kind of drop off. I’d love to see it go to someone who could use it.

    The same way you like these kinds of tops… I’ve always been in love with the military arctic tops

  10. Mike

    I’m in Charlotte NC, that’s the problem, 10 years ago, I lived in NJ and would have been easier. If you think of something, let me know. It would be great if all of us Jeep guys could set up a chain of drop off points through out the country. I think it’s possible.

  11. David Eilers Post author


    I like the idea of a series of drop off points across the country. If everyone was honest, it could work well. Unfortunately, as a friend of mine who sold jeep parts learned the hard way, there’s enough dishonest folks out there that the system would likely be gamed and break down. For example, he sold parts to some folks who claimed they never received parts and demand a refund, but then the ballsey folks would post pics on Facebook of the parts he sold them on their jeeps!

    – Dave

  12. Mike

    Dave, Yes honesty is the best policy, I think this could work if done the right way. In my experience shipping parts and vehicles across country, I’ve always been skeptical, and cautious, but done the right way, it can work. Conformation and tracking, before, during, and upon delivery are key elements in making this work. I’d like to brain storm this idea if anybody is interested. I’ll be the first name on the list, in Concord, NC.

  13. Glennstin

    Why don’t you guys meet at The Great Willys Picnic early next June? You can’t have more Willys fun in an 8 hour period and the top will be a bond.

  14. Mike

    glennstin, That is a good idea, we would have plenty of time to plan ahead and match parts to sell to our needs.

  15. Mike

    5 years out, still for sale, a strong faith may still be the answer, see what happens in the next 5 years.

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