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Governor, Rear PTO, and more Parts Shasta Lake, CA

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UPDATE: Status Unknown.

Someone ought to be able to use these parts.

cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca1 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca2 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca3 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca4

“Early CJ2A items. Most off of VEC 18526

Original VEC rear reflector $50
Spicer 18H PTO. $250
Rear PTO Gearbox. $250
Rear Drum Gearbox
and Drum Pulley. $500
Monarch Governor
Dated 9/46. $800”


6 Comments on “Governor, Rear PTO, and more Parts Shasta Lake, CA

  1. James Holden

    Hello Dave
    Was wondering why I was getting so much interest in my parts. Seems you found my listing. Hope all is well with you. Ended up selling 18526 to purchaser in Norway so getting rid of some odds and ends. Looking for a new VEC project if you see any in my area. Have a good one

    James Holden

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi James,

    Great to hear from you! I’m glad you’ve gotten the interest; they are some good parts.

    btw: I own a 1956 DJ-3A and understand way more about the DJ-3A bodies (and other parts … remember our early effort to figure out those bodies?).

    – Dave

  3. James Holden

    Yes definitely alot of reading. Learned alot about surreys.. good to see your site doing well. All parts sold to a single purchaser so CL link is removed. Thanks for the help. Will keep in touch


  4. Naercio cedraz carneiro

    Boa tarde gostaria da caixa de câmbio traseira e caixa de engrenagens traseira qual valor das duas peças.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Naercio,

    It looks like you said something to the effect, “Good afternoon I would like the rear gearbox and rear gearbox how much are the two pieces”

    I don’t know if they are still available or not or whether James would ship them to Brazil or not. I suspect he will respond if he still has them.

    – Dave


    Não sei se ainda estão disponíveis ou se James enviaria para o Brasil ou não. Suspeito que ele responderá se ainda os tiver. Tenha um ótimo dia!
    – Dave

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