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MPC “Bottoms Up” Jeep Model on eBay

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Mike spotted this MPC-brand model that allows for the creation of either a Funny Car or a Service Jeep. It seems pretty pricey at $230. I would have been all over this as a kid, as I built model jeeps, Barret-mobiles, and other 60s rat rods. Note that the directions for this are not original (printed off the internet) and the tires have been altered slightly.

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mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep0 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep1 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep2 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep3

“MPC Bottoms Up Jeep 2 versions. Road service or Funny Car with decals, nice-Rare kit seldom seen on eBay and never reproduced. Looks to be mostly complete. Supersize pictures and judge for yourself. I counted 100 white parts alone! All chrome looks to be there too When I found this rare kit someone had already removed all the wheels from the chrome tree and assembled the stock wheels into the stock tires. Some melting had happened over the years. I Dis-assembled the wheels from the tires and trimmed all the excess from the wheels. Once assembled you can hardly notice.Also there is a small tire burn on the drivers door. There were no directions but I was able to locate them on the internet and print a complete set. They look original. Decals look good with no cracking. Item will be carefully packed and arrive as you see it here.”

mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep4 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep5 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep6 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep7 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep8


3 Comments on “MPC “Bottoms Up” Jeep Model on eBay

  1. Blaine

    This is like the yellow one I received in the early 70’s. Cost was $2.00 then.

  2. John B

    We finally have an answer to the question posed on April 5, 2021 when a completed model of the Service station Jeep was featured here.
    Now we know which version of the kit to purchase if we want a service station model.
    MPC has released several versions of the basic kit…as a Army M38A1 to dune buggy Jeeps, to the dragster featured here, and finally as Daisy’s Jeep from “The Dukes of Hazzard” it was unclear which release had these unique parts.

  3. Mike Modeler

    Actually John B, there is another version of this Jeep kit with the service station parts and half cab. It was called the Universal Jeep and like the Bottoms Up!, could be built in several different ways. I have several unbuilt examples of it, will get them done one day soon.

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